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About Logos Study


  1. billcreasy2 says:

    Be sure to visit the new Logos Bible Study web site: http://www.logosbiblestudy.org/!

  2. Wayne Lovett says:

    Well done Bill

  3. Steven Davis says:

    Dr. Creasy,

    I am tremendously enjoying the Logos study. Is there a syllabus online that shows the order that the books are to be studied?

    I have finished Genesis and Matthew, and have just started Exodus.

    It would be great if Logos were to release companion materials for each study that contained maps or photos that you reference.


  4. Anne Marshall says:

    Ditto the above. Wonderful lessons but I too would treasure the notes and maps mentioned in the classes. Is there anywhere to purchase those?
    Thanks for all your efforts.

  5. Jassen Bluto says:

    Bill, I started your audio bible study with my 13 year old son as part of his homeschool curriculum. I am getting them one audio book at a time from Amazon. Do you do the books in order from genesis-revelation? If not can you list the order we should go thru the 66 books. Thanks we love your bible study.

  6. Hope says:

    is there a way to see the resources documents. i would like to read the one on homosexuality but cant find it on this site.

  7. Nick says:

    Prof Creasy,

    Thanks for using your intellect for the Kingdom. In (at least) one of your lectures you mention the “three pillars of Judaism”: 1)alms-giving, 2)fasting, and 3)prayer. Whats difficult about the audio lectures is digging into some of your points. Where can I find a source that supports this concept? Thanks.

    Over worked seminarian and former AC1 (USN)

    • billcreasy2 says:


      I’d go directly to the Sermon of the Mount, Matthew 5-7. The teaching is in four parts: 1) dramatic and memorable introduction (the Beatitudes); 2) six propositions that exceed the Law; 3) six concrete actions to implement the Law (the first three of which are almsgiving, fasting and prayer, traditional practices among Jews of Jesus’ time, thus he addresses them); and 4) a three-part dramatic call to action.


  8. Michael Fox says:

    Is there an ETA on the revision of the super set? Love your work and I want it all. I wish The Geat Courses would release it.

  9. Chris Latham says:

    I just discovered LOGOS bible study on Amazon and am very excited about starting to listen to the books but I had two questions. First what order are the books usually taught in? I started Matthew and thought I heard it said that Genesis was the previous book taught. Could anyone tell me the usual taught order of the books so I might follow the course as if I could attend the class? Also is there any extra materials needed or recommended for those going through the course? Thank you in advance to anyone who might could answer any of these questions for me.

  10. Nick Linneman says:


    Nick here again. Is the term “scholastic diatribe” somthing you coined? I cannot find any information pertaining to it as a retorical style. Could you please refer me to some further info about it? I would love a deeper grasp of it before my Pauline Letter Content course next semester. Thank you, Sir.


  11. Kristi Moe says:

    Hey Bill – I’m continuing through the whole Bible “with” you via your CDs. This morning, in listening to Act’s, I wondered if there is anything about what might have became of Gamalio (sp??). Given that Paul was his student, I was thinking may be he witnessed to Gamalio (sp?).

  12. Bob says:

    Bill, what denomination are you and what translation do you use?

  13. Kellu says:

    what channel do I need trough to ask if Dr. Creasy could talk at our high school bacalaureat It would be on Sunday, June 8, 2014 in Raleigh, NC at Needham Broughton HIgh Scool at 4:00 pm. We would really love it if he can do it! Let me know what the fee is. Thank you, Kelly Mitchell

  14. Tami Fowler says:

    I just found your audio lessons via ‘Audible’ and downloaded the session on Matthew. I absolutely enjoyed it! You’re the first ‘teacher’ of the scriptures that I’ve found going through the bible verse by verse like Vernon McGee did. I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know what a blessing you are. Thank you! ~Tami Fowler (Kansas City)

  15. tamifowler says:

    I just found your audio lessons via ‘Audible’ and downloaded the session on Matthew. I absolutely enjoyed it! You’re the first ‘teacher’ of the scriptures that I’ve found going through the bible verse by verse like Vernon McGee did. I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know what a blessing you are. Thank you! ~Tami Fowler (Kansas City)

    • billcreasy2 says:

      Thank you, Tami! The material on Audible is complete, Genesis through Revelation, the 2nd edition. I have just started a NEW series, teaching once again through the entire Bible. I started in September 2013 and finished Genesis in 20 lessons (50 minutes or so each); I’m now on Matthew, and you can listen to these new lessons for free on my web site http://www.logosbiblestudy.com/audio.html, as I record them; these lessons include Power Point presentations, which you can also download for free. Once I finish a book, the audio and accompanying Power Points go to the “Store” on my site, where the whole thing can be purchased, either as downloads or as MP3 CDs: http://www.logosbiblestudy.com/store.html.

  16. Joe Wyant says:

    I just wanted to thank you for all you do. I have always had a hard time just sitting down and reading the Bible and always felt I was missing so much of the story just reading the words. Since discovering your lecture series on Audible I have learned and grown so much and now find that when I finish a lecture series and go back to read the books they captivate me and I have a hard time putting them down. Thank you for making the packets available online also, I love to be able to reference them along with the studies. I lead a study group at my local church and the maps I purchased from the store along with what I have learned from your studies has made for some great discussions and helped me so much. I can honestly say these studies and materials have been life changing and I recommend them to everyone. Thank you again and God bless!

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